Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Torn on Corn

As a regular reader of the blog would know, I really want the Missouri Republican Party to lock in behind a single candidate for governor.  The endless fighting between Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman is making the election of Democrat Jay Nixon a virtual certainty.  And, in fairness to Hulshof, Steelman always seems to be starting it.  She's the one who has most often and most vociferously violated Ronald Reagan's "Eleventh Commandment" that "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican."  (Ryan Cooper at the Springfield News-Leader called her on the carpet for that violation last week.)

But a regular reader of this blog would also know that I think it mad that we're mandating ethanol when food prices are going through the roof.  (Link)  Steelman, Hulshof and Nixon were all supporters of mandatory ethanol in Missouri but Steelman has now seen reason.  She changed her position and, yesterday, called for a repeal of that mandate because of escalating food prices and a worsening economic outlook.  Good for her.

Now I'm torn on corn.  Steelman is right on this issue but I still believe that she's destined to lose to Hulshof in the primary.  One by one, the state's Republicans are lining up behind him.  Monday the popular Blunt - Congressman Roy - endorsed him while unpopular Governor Matt has remained silent.

Could Hulshof see the light on this issue?  Is it too much to ask for?  Probably.

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