Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A biofuel that I can support . . .

As a regular reader of this blog would know, I think that it is insanity to be burning food in our gas tanks in order to prevent the myth of global warming.  But I'm not against local energy production to wean America from foreign oil.  Those local sources of energy include domestic drilling for oil, nuclear power, hydroelectric, wind, solar, and other renewables - if they're economically feasible and privately funded.

And now I've found a way to support biofuels too . . . turning algae into a fuel to run diesel engines.  Monday's South Side Journal ran a story about Cindy Duhigg, a local resident who "makes her own biodiesel as a hobby."  She makes it out of algae that she cultures from samples taken from the River Des Peres.

Have you seen the River Des Peres?  If we can turn that muck into fuel, I'm all for it.

Who needs foreign oil when we've got nasty sewage and storm water run-off!

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