Thursday, July 24, 2008

Even Howard Stern has figured out the Democrats

It took a while but even satellite radio host Howard Stern has learned the truth about Democrats.  Even better, according to a story posted by the Business & Media Institute, Stern "vowed" to his agent and repeated on the air that he "will never vote for a Democrat again.  I don't give a [bleep] - no matter who they are.  I don't care of God becomes a Democrat . . . I backed Hillary Clinton.  I backed Al Gore.  I backed John Kerry.  I am done with them."

Stern was reacting to the opposition of Democrats on an FCC panel who opposed the merger of Sirius Satellite Radio (Stern's network) with rival XM.  By voting to oppose the merger, the Democrats on the panel showed their true colors and Stern figured out, "the fact that these Democrats in the FCC are communists . . . They're for communism."

This just goes to show you that truth can win out in the end.  If even a buffoon like Howard Stern can figure out the truth about Democrats, maybe there is hope for the country.  At the very least, here's one swing vote to John McCain in New York.  If Stern's vows are more trustworthy than Alec Baldwin's that is.

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