Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nuts On Parade (No Pun Intended)

This morning I caught a part of Fox 2's morning show and saw this report on an upcoming event in Tower Grove Park.  It seems that some local, liberal, 1960's wannabes have decided to ride bicycles naked through the Tower Grove neighborhood Saturday night to - get this - protest our dependence on oil.

I don't get it.  How on earth does bicycling in the buff make connect with oil?  Is it just that they're bicycling instead of driving?  Wouldn't getting thousands of people to bike to work one day have more of an effect?  Or boycotting gas stations for a day?  Something, almost anything, would have more of a connection to dependence on oil than this.  

I suspect the nudity is meant to draw attention - and it is working.  Fox 2 did their story and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote about it.  Even I am blogging about it.  But, the more that I think about it, why would anybody want to see a bunch of naked people riding bicycles.  No doubt they'll come in all shapes and sizes.  Ever been to a beach in Europe?  Sometimes it's not pretty.

But any attention that these folks are getting is for their nakedness - not their cause.  They're not getting their point across.

The protesters mentality is something to marvel at too.  They're going to all feel so good about themselves for participating in this event.  They're out there, "making a difference."  But naked cycling won't lead to the discovery of a viable alternative fuel or save a single gallon of gasoline.  It won't save the planet - even if it needed saving. 

In reality, these protesters aren't accomplishing anything but giving strangers a chance to gander at their privates.

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Dameon said...

I heard a quote from Mayor Slay this morning - something about "taking a closer look". Wish I could find it.

These are just exhibitionists on parade. There's no legitimate reason for this. Plus, you'd think it'd be painfull.