Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alex Mayer - A pleasant surprise at the P-D

Kudos to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for employing Alex Mayer, who is posting regularly on "The Platform."  I've read several of his pieces and found them, much to my surprise given his employer, to be fair and balanced.  (Note that I haven't read everything he's written so he may well be as liberal as his employers.)  Take for example, his notes on interviews the P-D did with Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman . . .

"I liked a lot of what Hulshof had to say," Mayer wrote.  "He was articulate, clearly very knowledgeable about the issues important to Missouri, and gave off an authentic down-to-earth charm."

Mayer found Steelman less knowledgeable on specific issues but wrote that she "had several strengths of her own," including positioning herself as the choice of "change" instead of the "status quo."  Mayer was also "impressed by Steelman's account of her work as treasurer on divestment from companies that do business with state sponsors of terrorism."

I'm not sure the P-D carefully interviewed this guy before hiring him.  He seems much too willing to listen to Republicans and give them a fair shake.

But alas, he's just an undergraduate fellow - destined to return to college, I assume, this fall.  So by the time that the general election rolls around in November, Mayer will be out of the way.


Brian said...

You are dead on with your assessment of Mayer. I've been reading his stuff on "The Platform" too and I have been very pleased that there is someone who is at least a right-of-center, if not all out conservative, on the blog.

Maybe a R stands a decent chance on that place now.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Let's hope so. But don't count on it.