Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jay Nixon Scandal?

It seems that Jay Nixon's cakewalk to the Governor's Mansion might be getting a little more difficult - not because Republican candidates Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman have stopped their counterproductive bickering - but because a scandal may be brewing.

It seems that a political consultant closely linked with Nixon may be involved in laundering campaign cash for Democrat Attorney General candidate Chris Koster.  In addition, there are hints of cash from Ameren being funneled to Nixon's own campaign coffers when Ameren was the target of a criminal investigation by Nixon's office.

Check out these two posts (one and two) on Missouri Political News Service for the details.


Brian said...

StLCon, I'm not so sure that this is a scandal that will solely fall at the feet of Nixon (if it does at all). The AP article seems to suggest that it is a widespread practice (that should end with Blunt signing the repeal of contribution limits)

St. Louis Conservative said...

Note the "?" at the end of the title. I'm not sure that this will develop into a scandal. Just something that I noticed on another site. It is quite possible that nothing more will come of this.

I do wonder if an investigative reporter somewhere is checking out Ameren's contributions to Nixon while his office was investigating.

Brian said...

BTW, apparently I was wrong about this practice ending. The bill does not eliminate this practice. It will still be an option for those donors who don't wish to be directly associated with a candidate (or vice-versa).