Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I thought this was America? Nope. It's California.

Watch out America, the nanny state approaches.  And it is starting (surprise, surprise) on the left coast.  Los Angeles is poised to impose a one-year ban new "fast-food" restaurants in a big chunk of the city.  According to the L.A. Times, a city council committee unanimously approved the moratorium yesterday.

Can you believe that not one voice of reason voted against this imposition on the rights of people to eat what they want to eat, when and where they want to eat it?  

Well, it is California.


Latinmassgirl said...

Soon the fat tax will be imposed. Higher taxes on food that isn't good for you, just like cigarettes. It is simply a tax on the poor, because a higher percent of them smoke and I'd bet more of the lower income families consume prepared or fast foods.

I don't want our big brother government telling me what to eat!

St. Louis Conservative said...

Well said. Liberals are always telling the government to stay out of their bedrooms. I think the government ought to stay out of our dining rooms, kitchens, and pantries too.