Monday, November 30, 2009

After the long Thanksgiving weekend . . .

SLC has been forced to devote his time and attention to real work.  Sorry.  Back to post tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A brilliant plan from the Democrats . . . sarcasm intended.

How should the U.S. government encourage investment in American business and stimulate a sagging economy?  Make investment more expensive.  Yeah, that's it.  Impose a new tax on stock purchases!  (I'm not kidding.  Two Dems in the House of Representatives are working on a bill that would do just that.  Link here if you don't believe me or if you just want the details.)

If they only had a brain. 

Shocker . . . sarcasm intended

The Commerce Department's estimate of growth in the American economy was overly optimistic, wrong, or a flat-out lie motivated by politics.   Third quarter economic growth was significantly lower than previously stated.  (Link to story here.)



I haven't missed the latest big news on "global warming," i.e. that there is a conspiracy of "scientists" to manipulate data and shun anyone asking a legitimate question from the discussion.  It's true, of course, and it has now been exposed.  (Link here if you've missed it.)  But the most that I can add is . . . "see, I told you so."

Guilty Pleasures, Part 1

SLC is a recovering television addict.  (The first step is admitting that you have a problem.)  But I haven't kicked the habit cold turkey.

On a business trip this summer, I stumbled across Pawn Stars on the History Channel.  It is a reality show set in a Las Vegas pawn shop, a family business where the "stars" buy and sell junk and treasure.  Think Antiques Roadshow meets reality.  And this is my confession . . . I can't get enough.

New episodes start on Monday.

(By the way, yes, I know that this has nothing to do with politics or conservatism but, you know what, it's my blog.)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Republican Healthcare Alternatives . . . SLC responds to an anonymous comment

Yesterday, I entered a post lamenting the latest step towards socialism in America.  Yes, I'm opposed to Harry Reid's version of healthcare "reform."  The post prompted this anonymous comment:

And still I've yet to see a link to a Republican alternative to this terrible proposal of socialism.  Is the best strategy to "just say no" or would it be better to have a suggestion of other plans?

This comment is typical liberal "argument."  It is so full of holes it gives Swiss cheese a bad name.

But, what the heck, I'll bite.  Would it be better to have a suggestion?  Yep.  Sure would.  And, guess what if you've yet to see a link to a GOP alternative, you must not have looked very hard.  Try this one.  

Imbedded in the anonymous comment, too, is the erroneous assumption that the "healthcare crisis" is so horrible that it must be "fixed," no matter what the consequence.  And, worse yet, it assumes that a government takeover of healthcare could actually fix anything.

Think of this story before signing your "Living Will"

A Belgian man doctors claimed was in a vegetative state for 23 years wasn't.  He was conscious and aware but unable to communicate . . . trapped in "utter powerlessness," a living hell.  Now, equipped with a specialized touchscreen on his wheelchair, Rom Houben, is back in touch with the world.  Alive again, as he always was.

Think of this when someone asks you to remove a feeding tube.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

60 votes to push America nearer the edge of the cliff

So far, the U.S. Senate has passed nothing.  The Democrats and "Independents," however, have pushed the country to the brink of socialism with their unanimous vote to break the Republican filibuster on Harry Reid's version of Obamacare.  (Link here.)

Hope is fading.  Soon we'll have to work to restore our freedoms instead of save them.  And such work is far more difficult.

Obama Administration lied about "jobs saved or created" by stimulus package

Don't take my word for it.  Check out what the chairman of the Recovery Act Transparency Board had to say to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee here.

Reinventing mathematics . . . the liberal way.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The time is now to hold Senator Claire McCaskill to her word. Please e-mail her now and urge her to keep her promise.

On August 11, 2009, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) promised attendees at a town hall meeting in Hillsboro that she would not support a healthcare "reform" bill that included federal funding for abortions.  (Link here.)

Senator Harry Reid's healthcare "reform" bill includes federal funding for abortions.  (Link here.)

That bill will be the subject of a G.O.P. let filibuster and a vote to close debate has been set for a vote tomorrow evening (8:00 p.m., 7:00 central).  (Link here.)

The time is NOW for Missourians to remind Sen. McCaskill of her town hall promise.

Please remind her that if she fails to keep her word, Missourians will remember at the polls in 2012.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Emanuel Cleaver's Big Idea

Kansas City Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, a Democrat, has a "brilliant" idea.  He wants to declare next Wednesday as "Complaint Free Wednesday."  (Link to story here.)

I'll tell you what Congressman Cleaver . . . if you, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, all your other liberal friends in Washington, and America's enemies around the world agree to give me nothing to complain about Wednesday, I won't complain that day.  But a silly gesture like "Complaint Free Wednesday" can't silence your critics . . . not when the country hangs in the balance.

Obama's new take on the national debt? Or just words? Or are higher taxes on the way?

Barack Obama was interviewed by Fox News yesterday and said . . .

"It is important to recognize if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery [suppress guffaw], that at some point, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession."  (Link to Reuters story here.)

First of all, it's some "recovery" out there, isn't it!  Up is down.  Left is right.  Whatever you say Mr. President.

Second, aren't we already at the point where people have lost confidence in the U.S. economy?

But, the most important thing contained in this statement is, of course, Obama's recognition of the truth about government borrowing more and more money . . . it is a bad idea.  Let's watch and see if his behavior will match words.

I suspect not.  Most likely, this is just more of the same.  Obama is talking simply to hear himself talk.  Saying whatever he thinks that his audience of the day (note that this was a Fox News interview) wants to hear.  In reality, he is still a big government liberal who has never seen a "problem" that government spending couldn't solve.

There is, of course, one other possibility . . . Obama could actually mean what he says.  But when most folks think that cutting spending would be the best way to stop adding to the national debt, Obama could be signaling a tax increase instead.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mr. Smith is, indeed, going to jail

As expected, and despite the pleas for leniency from his fellow Democrats (like Attorney General Chris Koster), former State Senator Jeff Smith has been sentenced to prison.  (Link to story here.)  (Link to backstory here.)

Lies, Damn Lies, and Obama Administration Statistics

A government website, set up by the Obama administration to "track stimulus spending" is bragging about creating jobs in congressional districts around the country.  The only problem . . . they don't exist.  The congressional districts don't even exist.  (Link to ABC News story here.)

Remember this the next time you hear someone from the administration telling you about jobs saved or created, or healthcare savings, or long-term effects on the deficit, or anything else.

They make it all up folks.  They make it up to suit their agenda.  As Ronald Reagan said about the Soviets, "trust but verify," or, better yet.  Don't trust these bums and throw them (and their supporters in Congress) out of office as soon as you get the chance.

China concerned about cost of Obamacare

Americans are worried about the high cost of healthcare "reform" a.k.a. socialized medicine.  Most Democrats don't seem to care about either the cost or about what Americans think.

Maybe they'll be concerned about what the Chinese think, considering that they own our debt.

Check out this link.

And, by the way, what's the world coming to when Communists are more concerned about the high cost of socialism than American Democrats?

Monday, November 16, 2009

The President Bows Again!

Barack Obama, has, once again, disgraced the office he holds.  He is a Head of State.  Head of State for the United States of America but he's bowing again to royalty - this time the Emperor of Japan.  (Link to story here.)

What's next?  Will Obama's America dip its flag at the Vancouver Olympic games?

Seriously, is Obama completely ignorant of protocol or is he purposely attempting to drop our nation's stature worldwide?  What would be worse?  We've either elected a buffoon or a saboteur.

(For a telling and amusing look at this issue . . . link here.)

Serve the People . . . Oba-Mao

Souvenir t-shirts from Barack Obama's trip to China.  (Interesting story about the shirts here.) 

The Chinese entrepreneurs understand.  Do Americans yet?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Democrats nominate tax delinquent with bad grammar for General Assembly

Talibdin El-Amin, a Democrat, plead guilty in September to federal bribery charges and resigned his seat in the Missouri House of Representatives.  (Link to prior post here.)

Wouldn't you think that the Democrat power-brokers in the City of St. Louis who met yesterday to pick a replacement candidate would choose somebody without baggage?

Instead, they nominated Hope Whitehead, who had to rush to City Hall on Friday "to pay hundreds of dollars in outstanding taxes."  (Link to Jake Wagman's story in the Post-Dispatch here.)  Apparently, she was delinquent in paying her personal $1,155 in property taxes and only paid because tax delinquents are not eligible for election ballots in Missouri.

Whitehead acknowledged that since she'll be in the public eye she needs to do a better of paying her taxes.  She's quoted as saying "I've got to do that different now."  First of all, note that she's only going to bother paying her taxes when they're due because she's "got to" and, second, instead of doing it "different," shouldn't she be doing it "differently?"

My kingdom for a grammarian.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jim Talent on Ethical Vaccines

SLC is a busy man.  And, I have to admit that I'm not always good about reading my e-mails.  Tonight I checked and found that one of Jim Talent's staffers had noted my prior posts concerning the video that he and Bob Graham put out asking why we still grow vaccines in chicken eggs (Link to #1, #2, and #3) and brought them to the Senator's attention.  Here is Jim Talent's response to my concerns:

I am Vice Chairman of the Commission on Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Terrorism and Proliferation. I know that's a mouthful. Basically, our Commission is the follow on to the 9-11 Commission. Our job is to assess the threat that terrorists will get and use weapons of mass destruction and recommend ways of preventing an attack. Our view -- and this is sobering -- is that the chance of an attack is growing, that it will reach the level of probability within five years, and that it will most likely be a bio-attack that could kill hundreds of thousands of people. 

The good news is that the danger can be reduced. One way to do that is to develop and stockpile vaccines and therapeutics to help reduce the impact of an attack with anthrax, eboli, or plague -- the three most likely bioweapons. 

That's why we launched our Faster Vaccines campaign. We are highlighting the need for new technologies for producing vaccines so that America can defend itself against an attack. The issue you raise is an important one, and I want to assure you that the new technologies we advocate in the video are developed through animal cells, not human cells.

I'm glad to hear that Talent has not sold out his Pro-Life credentials.  Thank you, Senator, for the clarification.  Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Future of America?

Thanks to Barack Obama and the inevitable result of Socialist policies.  (Link here.)

Veterans Day

Thank you to all who have served.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carnahan takes a position on Obamacare - or not.

As November 2010 approaches, Robin Carnahan's silence on issues is, thankfully, being forced to an end.  Today, was asked to take a position on the House version of Obamacare.  (Link to Associated Press story here.)

Does she support it?  Well, she's "excited."

Or does she oppose it?  Well, she's "concerned."

It seems that this woman went to the Barack Obama School of Decision-making.  

Carnahan ducked the issue of abortion funding as well.  When asked about the Stupak Amendment, she called the issue a "distraction."  The healthcare reform debate, she said, shouldn't turn into "a debate over abortion."

But abortion coverage was in the healthcare bill - and now it isn't.  The issue isn't a "distraction."  It is a part of the legislative debate.

Carnahan's 2010 opponent, Roy Blunt, voted for the Stupak Amendment to prohibit federal funding of abortion and against Nancy Pelosi's Obamacare bill.  Russ Carnahan, on the other hand, voted against the amendment and for the bill.

Who do you want the U.S. Senate?  Roy Blunt or Russ Carnahan's little sister?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Obama makes decision on Afghanistan . . . whoops . . . not so fast. White House says Obama still indecisive.

CBS News reported today (link here) that President Barack Obama had made a decision - finally - to heed the advice of General Stanley McChrystal (given in September) and send about 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

McChrystal, and the boots on the ground, must have been pleased.

But the feeling was short-lived.  This evening the White House issued a response saying, "reports that President Obama has made a decision about Afghanistan are absolutely false."  (See previous link.)

Nope.  No decision yet.  Isn't it about time that this guy learned to be a decider?

Or is this decision, like so many others, above Barack Obama's pay grade?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

In a not-so-shocking development, Democrat elected to Congress turns out to have lied during campaign

Democrat Bill Owens was elected to the U.S. Congress on Tuesday.  During his campaign, Owens opposed a public option in Obamacare, Medicare cuts, taxes on healthcare benefits, and increasing taxes on the middle class "in any way."  But Owens has already changed his mind on all of those things and announced his support for Nancy Pelosi's healthcare bill.  As a local newspaper from Owens' district headlined . . . "Owens Breaks 4 Campaign Promises in first hour in Congress."

Keep that in mind the next time that you hear a Democrat make a campaign promise.

220-215 . . . Pelosi's version of Obamacare passed the House. Abortion funding removed.

In case any of you, like me tried to spend as much time outdoors enjoying the warm weather this weekend as possible, here's a healthcare "reform" update . . . Speaker Nancy Pelosi's version passed the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday on a mostly party-line vote, 220-215.  (Link to story here.)  That's the bad news.  

The good news is that before passage, Bart Stupak (D-Michigan) forced a vote on his amendment to include a prohibition on federal funding of abortion and, thankfully, the amendment passed.  (Link to Stupak's press release here.)

A few observations . . .

The fight is not over, it is on to the Senate, where the battle was headed all along.

Anh Cao (RINO-Louisiana) should be ashamed of himself.

Passage of the Stupak Amendment, unfortunately, brings socialized medicine closer to reality.

And, a swing of three votes (JUST THREE!!) could have stopped this fiasco in its tracks.  For those of you who don't think 2010 matters - think again.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pelosicare includes public funding for abortion

The devil, maybe literally this time, is in the details.  

And kudos to John Boehner (R-Ohio) for this post that shows us exactly where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's version of Obamacare includes public funding for abortion and a required monthly premium for all enrollees in the "public option" to cover abortion.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fight on Judge Dierker, Fight on!

Somebody needs to fight the good fight against the blatantly unconstitutional red light cameras that serve as intrusive cash cows for municipalities around the country.  That somebody is St. Louis City Circuit Judge Robert H. Dierker, Jr.  

Today, as reported here by the St. Louis Beacon, Judge Dierker expectedly lost the first round of his fight.  Another circuit judge held that the red light cameras in the City of St. Louis were constitutional.  The case will go on.

But, I'm nearly certain, Dierker hoped to lose at the trial court level and hopes to be convicted of such a violation just to have the chance to move the issue up the appellate ladder.  And that's where the fun will be.

This judge is smart, curmudgeonly, precise, thorough, and maybe most importantly, self-assured.  Friends of freedom could not have a better advocate in this cause than Robert Dierker.

Keep up the fight Judge.  

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Networks have called both governor's races in the country for Republicans.

Bob McDonnell will be the next governor of Virginia.

And Chris Christie has been elected in deep blue New Jersey.

Stay tuned for the 23rd Congressional District in New York.  Could be a conservative sweep.

Monday, November 2, 2009

RINO Hunting?

Interesting article from Janet Hook tomorrow's Chicago Tribune . . . link here.

(Disclaimer . . . Memo to any idiot reading this blog, I am not advocating physical violence toward any human being, no matter what their political persuasion.)

"I can't do this anymore"

The former director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, Abby Johnson resigned in October after realizing what she was doing was wrong.  (Link to original story here or follow-up story here.)

May Abby Johnson be one of many from Planned Parenthood to return unto him.

Shades of Gray

It was easy then to tell truth from lies

Thursday, I posted a video from former Senators Bob Graham and Jim Talent pressing for research into new ways to develop vaccines.  It seemed to ask a good question . . . why is America using old technology instead of developing new methods?  

That video lists four specific methods of vaccine development.  Those are cell-culture production, recombinant antigen, virus-like particles, and DNA vaccines.

Questions were raised about whether I had lost my mind posting this video, which was said to stand in support of technology using aborted fetal cell lines.  The question was legitimate and, frankly, I didn't know enough about the specifics to take a position on it one way or the other.

Do the methods listed involve aborted fetal tissue, cell lines of such origin, or fetal stem cells?

At the suggestion of a good friend, I raised that question to Children of God for Life (an excellent site with a great cause, link here).  Here's the response:

This is a yes and no answer I am afraid because all of the above methods COULD involve aborted fetal cell lines - or they could be done using completely moral sources.  To give you an example, there are H1N1 and regular flu vaccines in development that are not yet FDA approved using cell culture.  Some manufacturers like [redacted by SLC] are using aborted fetal cell line PER C6 taken from an 18 week gestation baby's retinal tissue.  Others are developing theirs using canine kidney, monkey kidney and even caterpillar cells as their cell culture method.

Anytime DNA or recombinant DNA or VLPs are used there is always a chance it involves immoral sources for the virus growth or delivery method - but it could be done morally as well.

So, it seems that it is possible to develop a better, faster, and more modern method for vaccine development without sacrificing morality, or children.  But aborted tissue can be used in these methods as well.

At this point I'm going to have to admit that I'm out of my element.  It would seem to make sense to research new and better ways to develop vaccines.  But only so long as fetal tissue is not used.

So here I am, pro-science, pro-technology, but more importantly and standing before either of those . . . I am Pro-Life.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What came first, the chicken egg or the Pro-Life blogger sticking his foot in his mouth?

Thursday night, after a small, very small, bit of research into why vaccines are still produced using chicken eggs, I posted a video featuring Bob Graham and Jim Talent who, entertainingly and persuasively, called for action on research to develop new and better ways to produce vaccines.  

I assumed, because of Jim Talent's involvement, that the new and better ways to be researched would be ethical.  I would not and could not support ANY method of vaccine development that rested on the killing of unborn children.  No fetal tissue.  No fetal stem cells.  No cell lines grown from fetal tissue.

The video posted touts four specific improved methods for vaccine production.  Those are cell-culture production, recombinant antigen, virus-like particles, and DNA vaccines.  I am trying to find out from a trustworthy source whether or not those methods rest on abortion.  Until I know, I've pulled the video from my blog.  

If the methods touted do rely on abortion, I'll pull the previous post and replace it with an apology and a serious question to Jim Talent.  If not, I'll re-post the video and add an apology to Sen. Talent.