Tuesday, August 11, 2009

McCaskill promises to oppose abortion funding in healthcare bill

It appears that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill got an earful today at her "Town Hall" meeting in Hillsboro.  

My real job had me in the car much of the day and I listened to more than one newscast on KMOX.  Since I was driving, I didn't take notes but I heard a couple of encouraging things reported.  First off, there was a report that when folks were asked to show their hands if they opposed Obamacare and an estimated 80% of the crowd did.

Second, and even more importantly, I heard that McCaskill promised to vote against any healthcare bill that included federal funding for abortion.  (That promise is confirmed here in a story by KWMU - sorry KMOX, I couldn't find confirmation at your site.)

We heard you Senator.  And we'll hold you to your promise.

(As an aside, I also heard KMOX report that Congressman Lacy Clay claimed that Obamacare was not an attempt to socialize medicine in the United States.  He must either be dishonest, uninformed, or have a very funny definition of socialized medicine.)

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