Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why the rush? Now you know.

On July 15, 2009, I asked why Barack Obama and his fellow liberals were trying to rush their plans for healthcare "reform" (a.k.a. socialized medicine) through before Congress took its August recess. Answering my own question, I wrote, "As with everything Obama, [Obamacare's] popularity is fading fast. And time allows folks to actually read the proposal and see the devil in the details. Typically, members of Congress head home during the recess. Away from Washington, they speak with and hear from real people, constituents, people who don't want the government to manage any more of our lives, including our healthcare system."

Turns out, I was right. (Be sure to keep that in mind when reading the rest of my posts.)

Today comes news that the Obama administration is ready to back away from the so-called "public option" of government run health insurance. (Link to story here.) And, without inclusion of a "public option" Democrats are signaling that this so-called reform effort may die on the vine.

So far, public opinion seems to be Orlando Pace in his prime and Obamacare a hyped and ballyhooed freshman defensive end.

Stand firm for Freedom America.

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