Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trying my best to hold my tongue

The death of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) is a MAJOR political story.  I've been trying to refrain from insensitive political commentary though the Democrats' formerly filibuster-proof majority is history.  

But instead of simply mourning the loss of a human being, the Democrats are already using Kennedy's death.  With Obamacare failing with voters nationwide - for good reason - the Dems are hoping to resuscitate their hopes for socialized medicine by dedicating the cause to Kennedy.  (Link to story here.)  But, no matter what you call this healthcare reform plan, Obamacare or Kennedycare . . . it is still a horrible idea that the country can't afford.  As President Obama might say, "You can put lipstick on a pig . . . it's still a pig."

Using a man's death as a political tool is distasteful.  And, it could backfire, as it did for the Democrats in 2002, following the death of Paul Wellstone.

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