Friday, August 21, 2009

Policy, not Politics

Barack Obama is blaming the vast right-wing conspiracy for his failure to pass healthcare "reform."  Yesterday, he appeared on talk radio and said:

"I think early on, a decision was made by the Republican leadership that said, 'Look, let's not give him a victory, maybe we can have a replay of 1993, '94, when Clinton came in, he failed on health care and then we won in the mid-term elections and we got the majority.'  And I think there are some folks who are taking a page out of that playbook."  (Link here.)

Unfortunately, that's how liberals think - playbooks and politics.  And because they think like that, they think that conservatives and Republicans do too.

The vast and growing opposition to Obamacare is not coming from political considerations but from policy considerations.  I would be happy to give a Democrat president a political victory if that victory came by implementing a conservative policy.  But Obamacare is pure, unadulterated, big government liberalism - socialism by another name.

We oppose the policy, Mr. President.  We oppose you - and your party - because you support this bad policy.

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