Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why the rush?

Barack Obama is urging Congress to pass his healthcare plan before the August recess.  (Link to story here.)

Why the rush?  As with everything Obama, its popularity is fading fast.  And time allows folks to actually read the proposal and see the devil in the details.

Typically, members of Congress head home during the recess.  Away from Washington, they speak with and hear from real people, constituents, people who don't want the government to manage any more of our lives, including our healthcare system.

If it is a good idea to socialize medicine now, it would be a good idea after the Congressional recess.  But it is not a good idea and Obama knows that it can't stand up to scrutiny or public input.

Before voting on such a dramatic change in America, wouldn't it be nice if the people's representatives and Senators actually took the time to talk with people about it?

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