Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama hopes that Gates incident creates a "teachable moment." Me too!

Barack Obama stuck his foot in his mouth Wednesday, accusing Cambridge, Massachusetts, police officers of "acting stupidly" in arresting a friend of his, Henry Louis Gates, for disorderly conduct . . . before he knew all the facts.  Obama jumped to a conclusion that his friend was arrested because he was black and the officer was white, not because the guy deserved to be arrested.  And he passed judgment on the police when he had no clue what actually happened.

So now, the story seems to be coming out and, guess what, the more we find out, the more we see that Gates deserved to be arrested.  Don't take my word for it, though, take the word of the black police officer who was there.  (Link here.)  He's 100% certain that the arrest should have been made.

But enough of that.  Obama (for certain) wants to move on and has done everything but apologize (and that failure is telling).

Obama said today that he's hoping this matter becomes a "teachable moment."

I agree.  But guess what, Mr. President, you shouldn't be teaching the class . . . you should be enrolled as a student.

What does Obama need to be taught?  Lots of things, but here are a couple of biggies:

1)  Nobody, certainly not the President of the United States, should be commenting on issues like this one before gathering the facts; and

2)  Sometimes (not always but at least sometimes) black people, even elite black people, who are arrested actually deserve it.

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Anonymous said...

This guy was the most willing "victim" I have seen since the last time people started crawling in Bi-State buses after an accident. Although the President and I are alike on this matter, neither of us have all the facts, this guy seems to have been yearning for the chance to scream racism in this matter his whole life. In my opinion he has been waiting his whole life to become the object of a race lesson. People are already seeing him for what he is, a fraud.