Thursday, July 30, 2009

Democrats playing the healthcare blame game

Here's the lead paragraph from this story in The Hill:  "Senate Democratic leaders on Thursday blamed Capitol Hill media for setting an August deadline for health reform and Republicans for blocking the bill's progress."

What a bunch of B.S. spin!  Barack Obama set the August deadline for Obamacare.  And, yes, Republicans are doing their best to block this fiasco's progress . . . but the Democrats have a big majority in the Senate.  If they were united behind a plan, there would be nothing - repeat, nothing - that the Republicans could do about it.

Here's the truth . . . Democrats wanted to blast Obamacare through without anybody getting wise to the bill's contents.  But they failed, thanks and credit goes to the Republican minority, the new media and blogosphere, and, frankly, enough Americans paying attention, so far.

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