Thursday, July 9, 2009

Federalism flipping . . . here comes the nanny state

One of the great things about America, historically, has been a concept of federalism.  State and local governments had autonomy over state and local issues.  The federal government is designed to keep its nose out of those things because, guess what, central planning doesn't work.  What is good in New York may not be in Idaho.  What is necessary in California may be wasteful in Missouri.  And what is wanted in the public school system in Washington, D.C., may not be wanted in Rockwood or Parkway or Webster Groves.

But with Democrats in control of everything federal, your federal government is on a path to destruction of state and local autonomy.  Here's the latest example . . . Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), chairman of the Agriculture Committee, wants to give the U.S. Department of Agriculture power to regulate ALL food sold in schools nationwide.  That's the cafeterias; that's the vending machines; and probably the fundraisers and snack bars at football games . . . all under the control of the federal government.

Harkin and the Democrats believe that they, from their ivory towers in Washington, know best - about everything.  Why do we have school boards at all?  Why have states?  Local governments?  Let's just let the feds tell us what to do in every situation.

We've got to get some sanity back to Washington.  2010 or bust.

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