Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reid says no healthcare vote until fall . . . but be vigilant

Word from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid came today that there would be no vote on Obamacare until Congress returns from its August recess.  Thankfully, heads cooler than Barack Obama's prevailed.

Or so it seems.  Don't forget that the cap-and-trade vote came out of the House of Representatives with little to no warning.  And it isn't August yet.

Don't let your guard down and don't trust the Democrats on this one.  Or, if you're feeling particularly Reaganesque, "trust, but verify."

And, if there is no movement until September, please don't forget about this issue.  It is too, too important.


Middle Class Joe said...

I think they want us to let our guard down so they can try and sneak parts of it in as part of another bill.
I do not trust these guys at all.

St. Louis Conservative said...

That makes two of us Joe.