Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time.com publishes interview with Sarah Palin

Check out this interview of Sarah Palin by Jay Newton-Small at Time.com.

Highlights include Palin's statement that "President Obama is growing government outrageously, and it's immoral."  Obama's plan, she continues, which takes on trillions of dollars in debt and "passing it on to our kids, expecting them to pay off for us, is immoral and doesn't even make economic sense."

Palin also takes on Obama's and the Democrats' cap-and-trade proposal.  If implemented, Palin says, this ridiculous measure would "drive the cost of consumer goods and the cost of energy so extremely high that our nation is going to start exporting even more jobs to China and to other countries that do not have the corporate tax or the equivalent of the corporate tax that the cap-and-trade - I call it cap-and-tax - agenda is going to usher in."

Sarah Palin gets it folks.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately even if she "gets it", she will have very little chance of success in presidential politics. Her ineffective communication skills devestate any chances of proving to the American people she is capable of leading the nation on the global level. The Republican party MUST find a better candidate to have any chance of winning the white house from President Obama in 2012.

St. Louis Conservative said...

I suppose that we'll have to agree to disagree on Sarah Palin's communication skills.

AmiableJAK said...

She talks like me - so I guess that's two votes for her communication skills.

Get rid of the bullcrap.