Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Environmental Nuts focus scare tactics on Missouri

Here's the lead of a story from tomorrow's St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

If greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase at current rates over the next few decades, St. Louis could face heat waves every other year like the one that killed hundreds of people in Chicago in 1995, according to a climate-change analysis released Tuesday.

Note two major weasel-words in this single (though long) sentence.  It boils down to this . . . "if" something we don't like happens, something really bad "could" happen and kill lots of people.

But, guess what, if it "could" happen, it also might not.  And, in reality, probably won't.

I have to give credit to the commenter "LEONARDWILSON" who wrote, "If we had valid climate data over the past 1,000 years, which we don't, we might actually be able to see some trends in climate change.  I guess the fact that we've experienced the coolest July on record, more or less, this year, doesn't mean anything."

I hate to tell you this Leonard, but facts don't mean much to the global warming nuts.  Our cool July - like Chicago's - is ignored because it doesn't fit the template.  To them, it isn't about science, it is a cult-like religion to them.

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