Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carnahan takes a position on Obamacare - or not.

As November 2010 approaches, Robin Carnahan's silence on issues is, thankfully, being forced to an end.  Today, was asked to take a position on the House version of Obamacare.  (Link to Associated Press story here.)

Does she support it?  Well, she's "excited."

Or does she oppose it?  Well, she's "concerned."

It seems that this woman went to the Barack Obama School of Decision-making.  

Carnahan ducked the issue of abortion funding as well.  When asked about the Stupak Amendment, she called the issue a "distraction."  The healthcare reform debate, she said, shouldn't turn into "a debate over abortion."

But abortion coverage was in the healthcare bill - and now it isn't.  The issue isn't a "distraction."  It is a part of the legislative debate.

Carnahan's 2010 opponent, Roy Blunt, voted for the Stupak Amendment to prohibit federal funding of abortion and against Nancy Pelosi's Obamacare bill.  Russ Carnahan, on the other hand, voted against the amendment and for the bill.

Who do you want the U.S. Senate?  Roy Blunt or Russ Carnahan's little sister?

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