Sunday, November 1, 2009

What came first, the chicken egg or the Pro-Life blogger sticking his foot in his mouth?

Thursday night, after a small, very small, bit of research into why vaccines are still produced using chicken eggs, I posted a video featuring Bob Graham and Jim Talent who, entertainingly and persuasively, called for action on research to develop new and better ways to produce vaccines.  

I assumed, because of Jim Talent's involvement, that the new and better ways to be researched would be ethical.  I would not and could not support ANY method of vaccine development that rested on the killing of unborn children.  No fetal tissue.  No fetal stem cells.  No cell lines grown from fetal tissue.

The video posted touts four specific improved methods for vaccine production.  Those are cell-culture production, recombinant antigen, virus-like particles, and DNA vaccines.  I am trying to find out from a trustworthy source whether or not those methods rest on abortion.  Until I know, I've pulled the video from my blog.  

If the methods touted do rely on abortion, I'll pull the previous post and replace it with an apology and a serious question to Jim Talent.  If not, I'll re-post the video and add an apology to Sen. Talent.

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