Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ron Paul - I can't disagree.

Back in May, I promised a friend that I would read Ron Paul's latest book, a "manifesto" entitled The Revolution.  I was a Paul skeptic and had figured that this guy was just the latest wacko contrarian from Texas - see H. Ross Perot - a fringe player in the political game.  I really thought that listening to Ron Paul or trying to find out what he stood for was a waste of time.  After all, my "friends" in the media told me that he was irrelevant.

I was wrong.  

I wish that every American would take the time to listen to Ron Paul and find out what he stands for.  What he does stand for is presented concisely in The Revolution.  

Before reading the book, I thought that I would be able to rip it to shreds.  After all, I thought it was written by a wacko, remember.  But as I read, I began to look for something, anything, that I disagreed with . . . after 167 pages of searching, I never found it.

The principles contained in The Revolution are the principles that will (if anything can) lead America back to a position of prominence and respect on the world stage.  They can place our economy back on firm footing and protect our freedom for generations to come.  There may be room for disagreement on the steps needed to get us back on track but Ron Paul is right about where we need to be.  And there's no time like the present to start heading in that direction.

Ron Paul may or may not be the right man to lead the country where it needs to go but I certainly hope that whoever want takes the reigns reads The Revolution first.

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