Sunday, July 13, 2008

What has a weak dollar done for St. Louis?

American icons are losing their "American" status at a rapid rate.  The latest example is right here at home . . . Anheuser-Busch, which today agreed to Belgian brewer InBev's $49.9 billion offer for the company.  (St. Louis Post-Dispatch story here.)

So much for Budweiser being "The Great American Lager."  InBev should stop that marketing campaign in its track or at least require a footnote.

Whoever we elect to lead our nation this November had better have a clue on strengthening the value of the dollar worldwide.

If that isn't done, what's the sequel to Belgian Budweiser?

Brazilian Big-Mac's?  

Indian iPods?  

Chinese Chevrolets?  

Korean Coca-Cola?


Anonymous said...

To be fair and balanced look at another large St. Louis based company that was purchased by a European "global" company - Nestle Purina. What has happened in the last six years:

1. Checkerboard square has more employees now than it ever had.
2. Sales and profits have sky rocketed.
3. Employees have better benefits and bonuses.
4. Employees have a better work/life balance.
5. Employees have more job opportunities.
6. Consumers receive a better product.

A-B will have the ability to become a stronger company with more money backing its brands.

St. Louis Conservative said...

I hope that you're right about A-B. This buyout likely makes economic sense. My worry is about the iconic nature of the company as an American institution. We're being bought out. In the end, I hope that the profits generated by at least a few American companies stay at home.