Sunday, July 27, 2008

Finally, Schwarzenegger does something right.

I've been bashing California over the past week for expanding the powers of the food police and chipping away at people's freedom.  Even Governor Arnold Schwarzen-egger got into the act signing a trans-fat ban into law taking away the rights of Californians to eat what they want to eat.  But the govinator deserves kudos for vetoing a bill that would have mandated school's science textbooks to include "climate change" as a subject.  (Link to story.)

Arnold, unfortunately, is not a convert from the religion of global warming and believes that it should be taught in schools.  Nonetheless, he believes "the state should refrain from being overly prescriptive in specific school curriculum, beyond establishing rigorous academic standards."

Governor Schwarzenegger, I couldn't agree with that statement more.  Three cheers to you for finally getting one right.

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