Thursday, July 17, 2008

Help Stop Global Warming . . . Pollute the Air!

European scientists have published a study explaining the root cause of Europe's rising temperatures over the past twenty years. 
Al Gore's carbon emissions?  Good guess but no.

The cause, it seems, is CLEAN AIR.  Warming temperatures, scientists found, correspond with a decrease in atmospheric pollution.  Fewer particles of pollution floating around in the air means that less sunlight is blocked from reaching the planet's surface.  More sunlight getting to the ground means higher temperatures.

Now I'm not really calling for more air pollution but I do love the irony . . . the global warming nuts are fighting so hard to stop rising temperatures and they might actually be helping to speed up the process.  Awesome.

I stumbled across this post from Michael Asher, blogging at  I noticed it when reading the Drudge-linked item noting that the American Physical Society has backed out of the so-called scientific consensus on global warming and now publicly proclaims that lots of its members do not believe in man-made global warming.  In a return to scientific principles, the APS is opening the door for debate.


Latinmassgirl said...

What is also frustrating the people who belong to the Global Warming Religion is the fact that this year has brought some record cold temperatures!

My brother who is one of the many brainwashed residents of California told me that Global Warming is also responsible for cooling temperatures! Ha! Now that really sounds like a California LIBERAL!

St. Louis Conservative said...

He needs to read Saint Louis Conservative!