Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Toast to the Irish People

I must admit that I missed the news last month that Ireland voted down the Treaty of Lisbon and have, for now, blocked "reform" of the European Union.  (That "reform" actually, among other amazing usurpations, takes away individual nation-states' rights to conduct their own foreign policies instead replacing it with "a single foreign-policy chief to speak for Europe.")  

But today comes news that French president Nicolas Sarkozy may not be willing to let the Irish vote stand.  He's calling for Ireland to vote again on the treaty because he didn't like the result this time.
Europe's leaders and elites seem 100% behind the E.U. but freedom and national sovereignty are powerful forces with the people.  

Here's hoping that the Irish vote is a signal of things to come and that some day men and women of all the sovereign nations of Europe will be free to manage their own affairs without kowtowing to Brussels.

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