Friday, July 25, 2008

I thought this was America? Nope. It's California. Part II

The food police are spreading and freedom is on the run in California.  Wednesday, we had the report L.A.'s City Council moving to ban new fast food restaurants in the city.  Today, the insanity has spread statewide.  Sort-of-Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today signed a bill banning trans-fats anywhere in California.  (Link to ABC News story.)

Maybe trans-fats are unhealthy.  Maybe everyone should be trying to eat better and healthier food.  But shouldn't we all have the right to eat what we want to eat?  It is out of line for the government to mandate people's diets.

Liberals are always screaming that government needs to stay out of their bedrooms.  I think we should all be screaming to keep government out of our dining rooms, kitchens, and pantries.


Latinmassgirl said...

Schwarzenegger is giving the Republicans a really bad name!

There are certain baked goods such as biscuits that must be made with shortening or lard. I have researched that lard is actually better for you than transfatty shortening, but it does have a certain taste that wouldn't lend well to a croissant!

What will they outlaw next? Some people think red meat is unhealthy? Dentist think candy is very bad for teeth!

I am so glad that I don't live in California, that place is nuts!

cmziall said...

LMG, look at your shortening, Crisco must've changed it somehow because it says ZERO Trans Fats!