Tuesday, July 8, 2008

G8 Proposal to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Half . . . But Wait . . . Doing So Could Starve the Planet

The Group of Eight industrial nations meeting in Japan issued a statement setting a goal of cutting worldwide greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050.  (See AP story here.)  It appears that even George W. Bush has caved to the environmentalists and their fear mongering.

But will cutting CO2 emissions actually be harmful?

Maybe so, scientists in Germany have been studying the effects of CO2 on plants.  Much to the environmentalists' chagrin, increased CO2 actually INCREASES crop yields.  Barley, beet and wheat output actually increased 10% when those crops were subjected to increases in the greenhouse gas.  (See the Breitbart story here.)

So, do we really want to reduce CO2?

In all seriousness, the global warming crowd is all about hype and hysteria.  They can't predict future but there is attention and money in a steady drumbeat of doom.  Take what any of them say with a grain of salt.

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