Sunday, July 6, 2008

BBC Tracks Candidates Flip-Flops

Is anybody surprised that John McCain and Barack Obama are flip-flopping more than a fish out of water?  

Didn't think so.

Check out the BBC's flip-flop report at this link.


Dameon said...

I just don't get the notion that changing one's mind is a bad thing.

It's an indication of an open mind, and an adminision that one doesn't know everything and is still learning and is able to adjust to the ever changing environment.

Now on the other hand, changing statements of one's position based on who your audience is...

St. Louis Conservative said...

As usual, I agree with you. Changing your mind is a good thing to do - if circumstances warrant it. But both of these guys are typical politicians. They're saying whatever they think will get them the most votes, whether they believe it or not.