Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nuts On Parade Update - Not so many nuts paraded

Thanks to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, fewer nuts (and other private parts) were on display than expected on Saturday night as the World Naked Bicycle Ride hit St. Louis.  The police had promised to enforce a city ordinance on indecent and lewd conduct.  And according to the Associated Press story, officers "were on hand to ensure that riders wore the bare minimum, which included thongs, pasties, loin cloths, bathing suits and even body painting."

And though the AP reported hundreds of participants in this misguided protest, that appears inflated.  The Political Fix blog on claimed there were "more than 1oo mostly-naked bikers," though with "gawkers, the crowed was easily larger than 300."  The Belleville News-Democrat reported "dozens" of bikers.

With titillating aspect of this event curtailed by the police and a relatively small crowd appearing, this protest event really turned out to be a dud.  My apologies to all for writing about it.

It does serve as a good reminder, though, that there are at least dozens (News-Democrat) and possibly hundreds of really unintelligent people out there who actually believe that a mindless protest makes a difference.  Watch out for them.  And when you see them, tell them about the wonders of California and New York.  Maybe they'll move to be with their own kind.

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