Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dr. Aafia Siddique - captured terrorist or just another victim of the evil Bush administration?

Alex Mayer at's The Platform wrote today about an ABC News story on the capture of Al Qaeda terrorist suspect and FBI most wanted woman Aafia Siddique.  This M.I.T. and Brandeis University-educated woman was captured and arrested last month in Afghanistan.  Before she could be questioned by Amercian soldiers and F.B.I. agents there she grabbed a soldier's weapon and began shooting.  At the time, she was screaming "Allah Akbar" and shouting that she wanted to kill Americans.  In addition, at the time of her arrest, Siddique was in possession of documents relating to weapons of mass destruction, maps of New York City and target lists, jars of chemicals, and a thumb drive containing e-mails between terrorist cells.

Nonetheless, Mayer reports, Siddique "has a legion of human-rights and Islamic activists who have rallied to her cause and who insist that she is an innocent victim."

Wake up and smell the fundamentalist-extremist coffee folks.  The western world has enemies and this woman certainly appears to be one of them.

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