Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Voting for Hulshof on Tuesday

There are two good candidates on the Republican primary ballot for governor this year.  Sarah Steelman is a political bulldog with a take-no-prisoners approach to campaigning.  She deserves credit for the job she's done as Missouri's Treasurer.  I believe that her position on ethanol mandates is correct, and her opponent's position is not.  On the other hand, Steelman wrongly opposed tort reform when serving in the Missouri Senate.  Nonetheless, she is a low-tax, pro-life conservative and would make a tremendous governor.

But I'm voting for Kenny Hulshof on Tuesday.  Hulshof is a popular and accomplished Congressman from a diverse district.  He's done a great job in Washington and deserves credit for that.  I disagree with his position on ethanol but that is a trifle - since the mandate only kicks in when ethanol is cheaper than gasoline.  My disagreement with him on that issue is less severe than my disagreement with Steelman on tort reform.  Further, like Steelman, Hulshof is a low-tax, pro-life conservative.  And I think that he would make an even better governor than she would.

These two candidates agree with each other much than they disagree.  But Steelman started throwing punches early in the campaign.  Her shots at a fellow Republican and fellow conservative soured me to her candidacy.  She comes across as a typical politician - one willing to say or do anything, including throwing another good candidate under the bus - to get ahead.

Most importantly, listening throughout the campaign season to both candidates, Hulshof seems to be better prepared and better able to lead Missouri.  He's simply better qualified.

I could understand a vote for Sarah Steelman for governor.  And if she wins the nomination on Tuesday, I would have no difficulty voting for her in November.  But on Tuesday, Kenny Hulshof has my vote and I hope that he gets yours too.

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