Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Steelman should endorse Hulshof - and now!

One week ago today, Kenny Hulshof won the Republican nomination for governor - defeating Sarah Steelman.  Since then, Steelman has been silent.  And it is starting to be noticed.  See, for example, Chad Livengood's article in today's Springfield News-Leader.  

The Missouri Republican Party needs to present a united front or Jay Nixon will be the next governor of the state.  

MO GOP Executive Director Jared Craighead is quoted by Livengood saying that the state party doesn't "need to put on some sort of show" and that the candidates don't need to "hold hands and say we're united."  

Craighead may be right about the need for a touchy-feely spectacle but Steelman needs to say something.  Her supporters have to back Hulshof in November for him to have a chance.  She should point out that her positions are much more closely aligned with Hulshof's than Nixon's and convince folks to get out an vote against Nixon - who would be an absolute disaster for the state.

Sarah Steelman should quit sulking and do her duty.  The sooner the better.

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