Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Could you vote for a candidate who opposed a ban on infanticide?

. . . this question needs to be posed to anybody who is still thinking of voting for Barack Obama.

Andrew McCarthy wrote a powerful piece in National Review on then-State Senator Obama's pointed opposition to "Born Alive" legislation that stood to protect babies who were born living and breathing after failed attempts to abort them.  (Read it here.)

That legislation came in response to the testimony of a nurse who described holding one such child in a closet waiting for this struggling human being to die.  That same nurse also testified that one in five children aborted by early induction - with the plan that their underdeveloped bodies would not survive the trauma of birth - actually did survive birth but were simply discarded anyway and left to die.

I am sickened by the nurse's accounts - and shocked by Obama's opposition to a law to protect living, breathing, human beings - outside the womb.  

So, seriously, ask any Obama supporter you know if they really want to vote for a man who supported infanticide.

Update . . . here's the link to a 2006 column on the subject from the nurse referenced above.

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