Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lonely Franken a typical Democrat . . . promises everything - but has no idea the cost

Comedian Al Franken is a Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in Minnesota.  (I daresay this is one candidate less qualified for the office he's seeking than our friend Brock Olivo was for Congress.)  His campaign hit Drudge Report today because he had a glorious campaign stop where one - yes one - person showed up to hear him speak in a roundtable on veterans' issues.

That makes the story funny in a laugh-at-Al Franken sort of way.  

But the story tells a more valuable lesson about Democrats (and all too many Republicans) running for office.  They'll promise anybody anything for a vote but have no idea how to implement it.

The story Drudge linked is from the St. Cloud Times (full story here) and reports:  "Franken said he would work to guarantee every veteran health care for life by making full VA health care funding an untouchable entitlement in the budget, increasing funding for mental health treatment for veterans, and increasing pay and benefits for military personnel and families."  But, now here's the good part, "he said he did not know how much the program would cost, or how he would pay for it."

Typical liberalism . . . promise everything to everyone with no concept of the cost.  I think Franken is being just a bit dishonest in his ignorance, though.  I think he knows how he'd pay for this . . . more taxes from taken from you and me.  After all, he is a liberal Democrat and to them the American people are bottomless pit of revenue.  And it really is the government's money anyway.

Always be on the lookout for promises of more federal money and more federal programs - the money has to come from somewhere.

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