Sunday, April 27, 2008

Unfortunately All 3 MO Governor Candidates Support Ethanol Mandates

Agricultural interests are powerful in Missouri.  Powerful enough that our state is one of just three to require ethanol in our gasoline.  And it looks to stay that way.  Even though food prices are skyrocketing, Jay Nixon, Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman all support continuing the mandate that we burn food in our gas tanks instead of stocking it on grocery store shelves.

So much for ethanol being a defining issue in the governor's race.


Dameon said...

Is there a fourth choice?


St. Louis Conservative said...

Unfortunately . . . no.

Ben said...

I'm from a farm which benefits from ethanol subsidies.

And farmers who understand economics hate the ethanol subsidies as well.

I know farmers get a bad rap sometimes, but we're not all for it.


St. Louis Conservative said...

I know that many farmers are like you Ben. I'm sure you'd rather stand on your own two feet that feed at the public trough. Too bad the big farm lobbyists don't listen to you guys.