Monday, April 28, 2008

Descriptive or Not, Jeremiah Wright is Divisive

Barack Obama's former pastor and spiritual advisor Jeremiah Wright is back in the news claiming that he's not divisive.  I'm surprised when people who speak publicly for a living say something that dumb.  Wright implies that somehow describing a situation cannot be divisive, as if description and division were mutually exclusive.  They aren't of course.

Wright's latest comments reminded me of Kevin Slaten, a local radio sports pundit recently fired by KFNS.  When Slaten worked for KTVI, he ran commercials claiming that although people called him controversial - he didn't buy it.  Why not?  Because controversy was a good thing.  Huh?

Rev. Wright's recent comments got the same "Huh?" from me.  His views of the world and this country are most certainly dividing Americans.  Whether they are descriptive or not has nothing to do with whether they are divisive or not.

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