Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Missouri House Passes Immigration Bill

Kudos to the Missouri House of Representatives for passing an immigration bill today that takes four steps in the direction of curbing illegal immigration.  

First, the bill directs the Missouri Highway Patrol to train some or all of its officers to enforce federal immigration laws in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security and in accordance with federal law.  

Second, it prohibits municipalities within the state from establishing themselves as sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

Third, the bill requires commercial drivers license tests to be given in English.

And fourth, it requires police agencies arresting individuals to verify his or her immigration status and requires the Department of Homeland Security to be notified if the individual is not in the country legally.

Let's hope these measures make it through conference with the Senate and are signed into law.


thetimman said...

Yes, kudos to the Missouri House for passing a redundant and puerile bill that is detrimental to public safety just to win some votes this November. Huzzah!

St. Louis Conservative said...

Redundant . . . no.

Puerile . . . no.

Detrimental to anything but illegal immigrants . . . no.

Other than those three things, your comment is right on the money.