Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Will the ACLU Take On Islam?

The American Civil Liberties Union always seems quick with a lawsuit if students are practicing religion inside public schools - at least if that religion is Christianity.  In Minnesota, however, the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy appears to be operating as an Islamic school.

According to Katherine Kersten, writing in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, this public charter school - which is specifically prohibited by state law (in addition to the U.S. Constitution) from endorsing or promoting religion - shares a building with the Muslim American Society of Minnesota (the express mission of which is to establish Islam in Minnesota) and a mosque.  Students have daily prayers and eat halal food prepared in the cafeteria.  Teachers take students to the bathrooms for "ritual washing" before required "school assemblies," which include prayer.  "Islamic Studies" is taught in the classrooms, though technically "after school."  The class appears like an extension of the school day, especially since the busses don't leave until Islamic Studies ends.

It appears that the ACLU of Minnesota is investigating.  In this case, let us all hope that they decide to treat all Islam like Christianity.

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