Monday, April 28, 2008

Indiana Law Requiring Photo ID's to Vote Upheld

Today's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court upheld common sense in the face of liberal political machines efforts at election fraud.  By a 6-3 decision, which included liberal John Paul Stevens in a rare but laudable vote with the conservative majority, the Court upheld an Indiana law requiring voters to present a photo i.d. in order to vote.  

Missouri had a similar law but it was recently struck down by a lower court.  In light of this decision, it is time for the Secretary of State or the state legislature to act as need be to enforce a photo i.d. requirement by the November elections.


Ben said...


I'm a junior at WashU with a conservative blog at I'd like to hear your opinion, especially since you are local and like minded.

I'd appreciate any advice you could send my way.


Ben Hurst

St. Louis Conservative said...

I just checked it out. It looks quite good and interesting - especially to your fellow conservatives (I know at least one at the law school) on campus. I'll keep checking it out and comment there when moved to do so. Thanks for reading.