Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hillary Can't Stop Telling Tall Tales

It is becoming a regular feature of this blog to highlight Hillary Clinton's latest whopper.  Today, Newsday reported that she's claiming that to have been completely out of the loop and knew nothing about her husband's 2001 commutation of the prison sentences of two leftist radicals serving time for a 1981 Brinks Truck robbery that resulted in the deaths of two police officers.

This issue was a hot button issue in New York throughout 2000, when Hillary was running for her New York senate seat.  It was in the newspapers and on "60 Minutes."  It was an issue that Clinton's political ally, the other New York senator, Chuck Schumer, fought to oppose.  He vowed to take his opposition to the highest levels of government.  But Hillary wants us all to believe today's tall tale that Schumer never even mentioned the issue to her, though she was married to the guy who would decide the issue.  She simply cannot be believed.  Hillary wants it both ways, she claims credit for all the "good" that Bill Clinton did in office but disavows knowledge of anything bad.

This campaign has proven that Hillary will say or do anything to achieve her purpose . . . a return to the White House . . . including lie through her teeth.  In fact, doing that now seems to be as natural to her as breathing.  She can't be allowed to succeed.  Conservatives, be prepared to hold your noses and vote for John McCain . . . there will be no other choice.

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