Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Military Kids

I enjoyed a front page story by Jonathan J. Cooper in today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  In it, Cooper highlighted the work of an organization called Our Military Kids, which serves the families of American National Guard members and reservists deployed overseas.  The organization's mission statement reads:

Our Military Kids provides tangible support to the children of deployed and severely injured National Guard and Military Reserve personnel through grants for enrichment activities and tutoring that nurture and sustain the children during the time a parent is away in service to our country. OMK grants are made to honor the sacrifices military parents make and to ensure that the children have access to activities and support that help the children better cope with challenges arising during a parent's deployment or injury recovery.

Our Military Kids made the Post because they issued a grant to pay for a Valley Park Guardsman's two sons to participate in a summer baseball league.  The cost was only $346.00 but will make a big difference in 10-year-old Will and 9-year-old Jake Bacon's lives this summer.

Anybody who wants to read more about Our Military Kids or make a donation, please click here.


Thoughtful Observer said...

Thanks for reporting, I didn't see it in any other media outlet. It's probably on page 12 or on the editor's desk.
I predict in 15 years the next ice age will be a threat to society and we'll need to spend billions to combat the threat. Don't believe it? Check the environmental headlines in the mid to late 70s.

St. Louis Conservative said...

You're probably right. Hype sells newspapers - and wins Nobel Prizes.