Sunday, July 6, 2008

McCain to Balance Budget in Four Years

It sounds to me like wishful thinking but Republican presidential candidate John McCain is set to announce his plan to balance the federal budget in his first term in office.  So says The Politico.

The devil, of course, and the smoke and mirrors could be in the details of the plan, which is supposed to be announced Monday.  McCain's plan hinges on spending less on the Iraq war after winning it and on economic growth.  Hopefully both of those things happen but can we count on either?

Some of the specifics in the McCain plan should definitely be implemented.  McCain is proposing a one-year spending "pause" on all non-defense/veterans discretionary spending.  Great idea!  We don't have the money, don't spend any more.  During the year-long pause, McCain proposes evaluation of all those spending programs and then setting out a plan to "modernize, streamline, consolidate, reprioritize and, where needed TERMINATE individual programs."  That's music to conservative ears.

McCain also wants to increase domestic exploration for oil and natural gas, and lift the current moratorium on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf.  He also wants to get us started on the path toward 45 new nuclear power plants by 2030.  For gas consumers, he's proposing a summer holiday from the federal gasoline tax.  McCain's on track on these energy proposals.  Our country must end - or at least significantly lower - its dependence on foreign oil and I've yet to see a tax cut I didn't like.

Like I said, I doubt that McCain can pull this off - especially if the Democrats hold Congress.  But at least on budget matters, he's pointing in the right direction.

Is this enough reason to vote for this guy?  Is it at least enough reason to vote for him when failing to do so counts as a vote for Barack Obama?


Latinmassgirl said...

I really like these positions. The tax cut on gas would only help us. How the liberals can even dare to mention that they would impose another tax on the profits of the "big oil companies" is beyond reasonable understanding.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Liberal and reasonable are like oil and water.