Friday, March 7, 2008

What's Wrong With Obama? He's more liberal than ANY other senator!

National Journal has released a ranking of senators on a liberal to conservative scale.  These rankings are based on 2007 roll call votes.  Who's more liberal than Ted Kennedy?  Most of the other Democrats actually.  Hard to believe, but Teddy now qualifies as a "moderate" with a liberal score of 76.2 (out of a possible 100).

Among the 27 Democrats left of Kennedy are . . . surprise, surprise . . . Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Hillary is the 16th most liberal senator with a liberal score of 82.8.  In addition to Kennedy, she's more liberal than notables Chris Dodd, Carl Levin and John Kerry.

But even Mrs. Clinton's liberalism is dwarfed by Barack Obama's.  Obama scored an unbelievable 95.5 on the liberal scale.  95.5!

Obama is more liberal than Diane Feinstein, Kennedy, Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and even Joe Biden for heaven's sake!

So when Obama tries to sell the electorate on vague platitudes, hope, change, and "fresh" ideas, remember his track record.  His voting record shows he's as liberal as can be.  And at the root of all those "ideas" is the same old, stale, failed liberalism of the past.  They've just been dressed up with a fresh face.

America shouldn't be fooled by this liberal posing as somebody he's not!

*An interesting footnote . . . Senator John McCain missed too many votes in 2007 to be ranked on this scale.

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