Friday, March 21, 2008

Luetkemeyer for Congress?

Until now, the only Republican candidate to garner much media attention in the race to replace Kenny Hulshof in Congress has been former football player Brock Olivo.  Today, a candidate with some actual experience (and one who has presumably voted in an election before) announced that he's throwing his hat into the ring . . .

Blaine Luetkemeyer is currently director of the Missouri Division of Tourism and before that he served for six years as a state representative from St. Elizabeth.

In a Columbia Tribune article, Luetkemeyer proclaims himself to be pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-gun rights and supportive of a continued military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He's also quoted as saying "I believe that the money that's in your pocket is your money and not that of the federal government."

I don't pretend to know enough about Luetkemeyer yet and I know next to nothing about his GOP rivals for the nomination (with the noted exception of Olivo) but so far this candidate is sounding like a good candidate for the job.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Luetkemeyer's a real fiscal conservative as he claims to be. What about the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of tax payer dollars that he and Lt. Gov. Kinder threw away on the good ole' failed Tour of Missouri last Fall? And to top off that wasteful spending, Blaine has decided to push forward with this year's sure to drain the taxpayers Tour of Missouri??? Mr. Luetkemeyer, can you explain how that makes you a fiscal conservative? I certainly don't want you to be the shepherd of my hard earned paychecks...and that certainly is NOT fiscal conservatism as I know it or as most families know it.

St. Louis Conservative said...

The Tour of Missouri "failed" eh? All the reports that I heard at the time called it a success. Reports were that it generated lots of publicity for Missouri around Europe, where cycling is very popular. Missouri needs tourism and does invest to generate it.

Did the state spend too much? I guess it depends on whether the Tour really was a failure.

I'm also wondering who you believe really is the fiscal conservative in the race and why. I'd be glad to lend any good and qualified conservative my support.