Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brock Olivo Should Run For Mayor!

There was an election held Wednesday night in the Prospect Bend neighborhood of Broward County, Florida.  But no votes were cast.  None.

It sounds like the perfect community for local congressional candidate, Brock Olivo to take up residence.  Prospect Bend is a community of like-minded people.  He'd fit right in.

(I'm not making this up.  See link.)


Anonymous said...

Are you attempting to deny the fact that this country is full of apathy among young people? In what was arguably one of the most historical primaries in MO history in February a mere 30-something percent of MO voters turned out! This guy is not alone. We need more young, qualified, educated, personable people to get involved. Why would you shun this type of energetic candidate? You might be the problem with the political establishments in this country...the reason for all the apathy. Most people I know didn't even START voting until they were in their 40's. I fail to see the point.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Apathy is a serious problem with Americans, not just young Americans. I'm glad that Brock Olivo is a recovering apathetic and applaud him for wanting to get involved. However, I do believe that a guy who has never voted in his life should probably consider getting involved in a lower profile and lower impact position than congressman. If Olivo was running for state representative, he'd have my full support. I think that he would have been wise to get some experience before jumping into a congressional race.

And, he and his supporters ought to learn how to laugh a little.

Charles said...

Out of curiousity, are you saying that just because one is an active voter makes them qualified to run for congress? I find it hard to believe that the track record of casting votes would make Olivo more qualified - that's silly. As a longtime St. Louisan, I have watched Olivo build an incredible life's experience, and a unique one at that. What makes a successful public servant? Excellent leadership skills. Just what he brings to the table, not to mention non-profit and international business experience, and a masters degree. I think you need to take a harder look at him. Also, let's revisit in November.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Nope. I'm not saying that at all. I am saying that apathy until one decides to run for office is NOT a resume-enhancer.