Thursday, March 13, 2008

No College for Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigration is a major problem in the United States and Missouri.  Our nation was built by immigrants - but immigrants who, by and large, followed the laws of their new nation and entered legally.  America should still welcome immigrants, but only immigrants who follow the law, wait their turn and enter the country legally.  Those immigrants who are here illegally should not be allowed to benefit from their illegal presence here.

Although it is only a small step, a bill sponsored by Representative Jerry Nolte (R-Gladstone) in the Missouri House of Representatives is at least a step in the right direction.  If the bill is passed and signed into law, state colleges and universities would be prohibited from enrolling illegal immigrants.

Enrollment at a taxpayer supported college or university is such a benefit and a privilege that should be withheld from individuals whose presence in the country is not permitted by law.

That seems simple and obvious to me but apparently it is not obvious to everyone.  In a Post-Dispatch article, two critics of the proposal are quoted.  Ed Wildberger (D-St. Joseph) believes that the bill "punishes children for their parents' mistakes."  Indeed, the illegal immigrant collegian's parents may have broken the law, these young adults are also breaking the law.  Neither they nor their parents should be receiving benefits from the state, like enrollment in a state college or university.

More troubling is the criticism of House Minority Leader Paul LeVota (D-Independence).  LeVota said that this proposal doesn't address the real immigration problem facing the state - employment of illegal aliens.  That statement is certainly true.  But it isn't a valid criticism of this proposal.  Pass this bill to prohibit enrollment of illegal immigrants in colleges and universities.  Then, Rep. LeVota, try sponsoring a bill that does something about employment of illegal immigrants as well.


Anonymous said...

You go, Jerry!

thetimman said...

the blogger obviously knows nothing about immigration law and principles of federalism.

What next? If the feds outlaw tariffs on interstate commerce, missouri will too, just to make it super illegal?

double secret probation, anyone?

St. Louis Conservative said...

The Tim Man is an idiot. (I say that warmly because he's a good friend of mine.)

Many, many criminal acts violate state and federal law. That way if the state refuses to enforce its law, the feds can. And, conversely, if the federal government refuses to enforce the law the state can do something about it.

And, guess what, the state here is not changing or enforcing any federal immigration law or standard. The state is simply regulating who can and cannot receive the benefit of attending a state-supported institution.