Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Steelman for Governor?

Surprisingly, the Riverfront Times actually published a fair and thoughtful in-depth story on Republican candidate for governor Sarah Steelman.  Despite the tacky and demeaning title (what more should we expect from the RFT?), it is well worth a read.  

Based on her career and her conservative credentials, Steelman deserves consideration for the nomination.

Like most Republicans, my first reaction to Kenny Hulshof's entry in the race was that everyone else should get out of his way and let him focus on Jay Nixon.  Lt. Governor Peter Kinder obliged but Steelman wouldn't.  Maybe she shouldn't.

It really looks like the GOP has two viable candidates for governor.  If Steelman and Hulshof can stay away from Clinton-Obama-esque sniping at one another, stay positive and talk simply about who would be the best governor, Missouri could benefit from a primary race.

May the best man (or woman) win.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good candidate. We'll see what happens. I doubt the Republican "Good ole boys" will let her get very far.

St. Louis Conservative said...

Hulshof's a good candidate too. If he wins, it won't necessarily be because Steelman was good-ol'-boyed.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess either are good candidates, but neither are as good as Kinder. I live in a flooded area and thank God we have had people like Peter Kinder. This could have easily turned into a Katrina type situation but he has really helped us out. He will be here in my hometown again today with the head of Fema. Great job Kinder, you have certainly got my vote. On the political side, you Republicans should thank your lucky stars that he got out of the race, no matter what reasons you trump up. From what I hear Steelman and Hulshof both are radioactive.