Monday, March 24, 2008

Hillary Lies About Trip to Bosnia

Surprise, surprise, another Clinton has been caught in another lie.  This time, Bill's not lying about sex with an intern.  Instead, Hillary is telling a tall tale about a dramatic trip she took to war torn Bosnia in 1996.  She "remembers landing under sniper fire."

Fortunately for Hillary then, but not so fortunately for her presidential aspirations now, there was no such sniper fire.  Instead of being shot at and running for the safety of a waiting car (as she is now claiming happened), the then-First Lady participated in a greeting ceremony (which she is now claiming didn't happen).

Most unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, she wasn't alone on the Bosnia trip and the folks with her - CBS News - are talking.  More importantly, they're showing the video.

In the best possible light, Hillary's memory is faulty.  More likely, she's trying to paint a picture of herself, again, as more involved in foreign policy during her husband's presidency than she actually was.  She didn't count on her friends at CBS turning on her and bringing her tall tale down to size.

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