Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Bit About A Blog - This One To Be Exact

As a few of you may have noticed over the weekend, I didn't post any new pieces.  I thought that it might make sense to tell anyone and everyone about my blogging habits.  I usually blog in the late evenings, when the rest of my household is asleep.  I don't like to take time away from family for this endeavor (or for much else either).  I won't say that I'll never blog at a different time of day, but if you're checking for new material, you should probably not expect it until it is late.

I'm also less inclined to make the time to blog on a Friday or Saturday night . . .  for two reasons.  First is the family.  We're more likely to have family functions or events on the weekends.  Second probably has to do with my readers families . . . I get far fewer hits on Saturdays and Sundays than during the week.  So often I think that weekend posts won't be read - so I don't bother.  If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it does it make a sound could be translated into if a blogger posts on a weekend and nobody is on-line to read it does it matter.  Again, I'll never say I'll never post on the weekend but I probably won't do it too often.  And if I don't, don't think that it means I've quit blogging.  I'll be back when Monday (probably Sunday night) rolls around.

I hope that if you enjoy the blog (whether you agree or disagree with my point of view) you'll keep reading and tell your friends.

And I also hope that you'll accept this invitation to post your comments.  Whether you agree or disagree, I'd like to know.

And, one minor note on the comments - something those of you new to the blogosphere or blogspot sites might not know.  Anonymous comments are fine and encouraged but you're also able to leave your "name" or a nickname whenever you blog.  If you want me to know you are the same person leaving more than one comment, just use the "Name/URL" function under "Choose an identity."  You can give yourself whatever name(s) you want.  You can use your real name or a completely anonymous cyber-identity.  But, I think that it would be more enjoyable to read comments from the same person on different subject - if I knew that they were from the same person.

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